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7th Grade at Glen Brook: May 2018

Day One: Even with a 4 and a half hour bus ride, 7th grade still hiked the Glen Brook forest and played an exciting game of Camouflage! under the guidance of Mark Stehlik, program director. Chore groups began right away after dinner: laundry, Hobart, waiters, housekeeping….Coach Mike Flood, his dog, Otis, and Mrs. Amy Stemkoski provided good guidance and instruction.

Day Two: Group Games and more Forest Challenges while many of the students met baby Arlo….and enjoyed time with the dogs, Otis and Pangur Ban.

Day Three was a special day to meet the Pen Pals from Monadnock Waldorf’s 7th Grade; then a Belay Training class and a work period. The students continued to enjoy the calves and ten piglets during Animal Chores. Chefs Taylor and Nina continued to make the hungry students happy. The Physics main lesson from Mrs. Stemkoski was held in the dining hall.

Day Four was an exciting High Ropes Challenge with the Giant Swing, Cargo Net Climb and Log Balance, Zip Line and Repelling. Later, more hands-on physics was enjoyed by the students with pulley rigs and measuring the inclined plane of the ramp into the barn. It was a great living experience of mechanics in action at Camp Glen Brook! The students marveled at the many new building projects and look forward to returning next November for Coming of Age Week.

See photos from the week below:

7th Grade Glen Brook (May 2018)