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7th Grade: Sail on the Clearwater Sloop with 6th Grade

In early October, the 6th and 7th grade classes sailed on the Clearwater sloop out of the Yonkers dock for a three-hour sail on the Hudson River.  It was a balmy day with nice breezes and a sunny sky.  The students were given some basic information about safety on board and then were divided into two groups to help raise the 3000-pound sail to the rhythm of a sea shanty.  Working in smaller groups, the students learned about navigation, water quality, types of fish in the river and a little history of the river.  It was very interesting to visit the living quarters of the crew and to learn how to steer the boat. The crew and education staff were excellent. In the middle of the sail, we stopped to sit in silence and to listen to the sounds of the river; we ended the silence with the words, “Water is Life.”