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7th Grade Shadow Puppet Play

Behind the scenes at the 7th Grade’s Journey to the West

After many months of work, the 7th grade gave three performances of Journey to the West in an art form not often seen at WSGC. Shadow puppetry is more than 1000 years old, originating in Asia, and involves, musicians, puppeteers, visual and sound effects, lighting and a special screen. Thanks to Ms. Crozier’s ingenuity, the class was able to construct a screen of pipes and white sheeting. The class worked many months designing and cutting out the puppets, based on characters on the beloved tale of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, Monk Tang, and many other characters. The story is one of the 4 great Classical Chinese novels, based on a true story of a monk who traveled to India to get Buddhist scriptures for new monasteries in China in the year 629. Thank you, Dr. Stuckenbruck for assisting the orchestra and bringing in the erhu, also called the Chinese Fiddle, to lend a unique sound to the music, “Dare to Ask Where is the Road.”

Sun Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy fight the Dragon

Designing and constructing puppets. Bamboo

rods were used to press the puppets against the 


Working on colors and details

Monk Tang, Sandy, Pigsy and Wukong

travel on the Silk Road