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7th Grade Visits National Museum of Mathematics


The 7th grade class at the Waldorf School of Garden City recently visited the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City on Friday, May 22nd. Students participated in the museum’s numerous hands-on exhibits and educational programs about the wonders of mathematics.

“The exhibits and educational programs illuminated for the children the many patterns that shape the world around us,” remarked middle school math teacher Ms. Deann Reyes. “It was a joy to watch the students discover a side of math they have never seen before: exploring amazing hands-on exhibits, taking part in inspiring activities and having an experience they will never forget.”

Located adjacent to Madison Square Park in Manhattan, the National Museum of Mathematics opened to the public in 2012.

“All of the exhibits about math incite a wonderful desire for play in visitors of all ages,” said Ms. Reyes.

The class also took part in a group activity involving the probability of dice. The probability of rolling different sums with a standard pair of dice depends upon the sum in question. This activity guided students to find ways to renumber their dice so every sum appeared with the same probability. Questions the students considered were, “What sums are possible to fit into this scheme?” or “How many different sums can be rolled with equal likelihood?”

“The students had a wonderful time experiencing an exciting area in mathematics,” remarked Ms. Reyes.

Photos courtesy of Frank and Susan Gallagher as well as Deann Reyes.

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