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8th Grade: Final Days of our Farm Trips

Our 8th grade Sustainable Agriculture block had its final farm trip. Our studies included observing the honeybees and learning how vital an organic farm is to them. We tasted the honey from our bees and learned what real honey should look like. We fertilized the farm with manure, built a biodynamic compost heap, transplanted rosemary to the greenhouse and ate apple pie! Our final weeks were spent collecting seeds on the farm, then drying, sorting and packaging them in seed packets that featured student’s exquisite botanical drawings. It was especially wonderful to be in the fresh air, working hard, and feeling the earth in our hands. After we were finished, I heard from the students that, through our work together, they had all developed stronger bonds of friendship. You can see photos of our work below.

8th Grade Final Farm Trips

FARMING IS COMMUNITY! Thank you Leonore Russell and the staff of Crossroads Farm in Malverne.