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8th Grade: Organic Chemistry Begins

The black tower.
The “black tower” end result of a dramatic opening experiment in the 8th grade chemistry block.

On Monday October 30, the 8th grade class resumed their study of chemistry with Mrs. Stemkoski in the chemistry laboratory.  This year’s chemistry will focus on the investigation of organic compounds.  Students began the week with a powerful demonstration that combines work from last year (acids and bases) with an unknown white, granular substance (from this year’s work…yet to be “discovered”).  This experiment is performed in our fume hood, and shows quite a dramatic transformation indeed!  The photograph to the right shows the end result.

Maple tree
A beautiful autumn maple tree on the kindergarten playground.

Our work this week concluded with a trip outdoors (and down memory lane, for some of the 8th graders!) to view the beautiful sugar maple tree on one of the kindergarten playgrounds.  This careful observation today will lead to the creation of a beautiful illustration that will be included in the students’ main lesson books.  Further work during our block will lead to appreciation and documentation of both the chemical and biological beauty of this tree. During our closing circle this morning, we all shared our appreciation of its glorious aesthetic beauty.