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8th Grade: Trip to Glen Brook

We had an exciting week of maple sugaring, sledding, a visit to the Badger company and main lessons on Biodynamic Farming. After our arrival on Monday we unpacked and took a refreshing hike through the snow-covered woods; later we had a delicious meal, did our chores and had free time to play games and socialize. Early on Tuesday morning the class traveled to the nearby town of Gilsum for a tour of the Badger company, a B-corporation. After the tour, each person created a unique blend of essential oils to take home.

On our return to camp, we prepared lunch, cut wood and did farm chores. After lunch and rest time, we checked the buckets on the maple trees and were delighted to find that the sap was running; we collected the sap and brought it to the sugar house. On Wednesday morning we had a special main lesson on biodynamic farming taught by Shelley Goguen Hulbert, Glen Brook’s director. In the afternoon there was a chance to cut wood and to fire up the cooker in the Sugar House. Thursday’s main lesson included reviews and discussions on B-corporations and biodynamic farming. We wrote letters to Katie and Bill at Badger and created pictures of our own farms.

With lots of snowfall on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, we had the chance to go sledding on Thursday afternoon followed by a couple of games of pirate mafia and more free time. In the evening we sat by the wood stove and sang songs with Mark and Colin on their guitars treasuring our new experiences and close relationships and not quite ready to go home.

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