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8th Grade: Whaling and Environmental Science

In our year-long Environmental Science class, we are learning about energy, machines and ecological systems. The class is divided into two groups, one with Ms. Cimino and the other with Ms. Stemkoski. The students will alternate teachers each month.

This month, in Ms. Cimino’s class, the students are learning about whales and the whaling industry, an important part of Long Island history.  Students are also studying the ecology of the ocean, and the important role whales play. 

After reading “Thinking Like a Mountain” by Aldo Leopold, a short essay about the importance of every member of an area’s ecosystem, we watched a clip from the film, “A Fierce Green Fire” about the work of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd to stop the hunting of endangered whales.  On a visit to the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum on October 2nd, the students enjoyed the hands on scavenger hunt through the museum, an art project making scrimshaw and a walking tour of the town of Cold Spring Harbor.

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