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Acclaimed Writer & Director, Rachael Holder ’01 Shares Insight into Navigating Creative Careers

For Alumni, the opportunity to come back to their School and connect with current students can be just as rewarding for them as it is for the students. Rachael Holder ’01, writer and director, visited earlier this month to talk about her life after the Waldorf School of Garden City, and how she became a successful screenwriter. She attributes her creativity to attending the Waldorf School from nursery through senior year. Moderated by High School Chair, Roland Rothenbucher, Rachael was also accompanied by her husband, Jamie, who expressed how nice it was to see how at home she felt.

Rachael spent the afternoon with high school and eighth grade students giving them a first-hand look into the world of entertainment through a professional screenwriter and directors’ lens.  She explained that an interest in media and entertainment can be cultivated in many ways beyond becoming an actor. This resonated with the students who, when polled at the beginning of the discussion, were only mildly interested in the field, but by the end the number of students holding their hands high had doubled.

While Rachael emphasized the significance of obtaining her M.F.A, from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she believes it is particularly important to “create every day.” So many people are trying to become successful in entertainment but “Waldorf Students are incredibly unique in their ability to bring a different perspective and think creatively.” During her childhood at Waldorf Rachael reminisced about using her imagination to write stories and create worlds that could jump off a page.  She even draws from her Main Lesson book work to assist her through her current creative process.

Rachael’s favorite part of her job is the intent she brings to the creation of characters that are not highly represented in film and television today. In addition, she loves the comedy genre and hopes to continue her work in comedy to connect to a broader audience and help make a difference in the world.

Rachael is currently working bi-coastally developing her original web series, I Love Bekka & Lucy, which is now being turned into a half hour television show produced by Warner Horizon. Prior to this, the series was part of the L.A. Film Festival in 2015 and became the first digital series to change the rules when it premiered at SXSW in the TV section. Congratulations Rachael, we can’t wait!

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