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Alumni/ae and Varsity Basketball Games


The Alumnae vs. Girls Varsity, and the Alumni vs. Alumni Basketball games were held on Saturday, January 11th. Both games were tightly matched contests. Lead by Coach Paul LeSueur, the Alumnae Team was able to pull-out a victory with a score of 28 to 23. Our thanks to Barbara Costello Lyons ’76, Vicky Mauri ’04, Gianna Smith ’04, Michele Myers ’04, Kristina Brown ’09, Alena Jones ’09, Taisha Thomas ’09, Abigail Lyons ’10 and Carolyn Smalls ‘13 for participating.

Seventeen graduates returned for the Alumni vs. Alumni Game. The game ended with the “Throwback Team (clad in Waldorf Jerseys from way-back-when)” winning by a score of 47-40. Our thanks to Bryan Cain ’97, Charles Smith ‘01, Tarik Carney ’02, Kush Shukla ’02, Marcus Boyd ’04, Christopher Smalley ’07, Kieran Kerekes ’07, Leo Bruno ’07, Domenic D’Ercole ’10, Alex Sapuppo ’11, Landon Twine ’11, Matt Wasserman ’12, Max Cheney ’13, Max Novick ’13, Orin Pierce ’13, Michael Weschler ‘13 and Caleb Yuan.

Enjoy these exciting photos from the game courtesy of Scott Robinson.

Alumnae vs. Girls Varsity:

Alumni vs. Alumni

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