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"Balancing Work and Play"

Students, parents, faculty and friends are invited to view a series of photographs about Camp Glen Brook that are currently on display in the breezeway connecting the Waldorf School’s lower school and the high school buildings.

The photography exhibit was put together by Waldorf parent Iwonka Piotrowska.

“I wanted to strike a balance between the ‘work’ of Glen Brook and the ‘play,’ of Glen Brook,” remarked Ms. Piotrowska. “The distinction between the two is often blurred, where work is experienced and remembered as a kind of play, and play is recollected as an event where great ‘work’ is accomplished.”

Throughout the school year, Camp Glen Brook hosts school groups for residential visits. Students are expected to help with the farm’s daily chores and meal preparations. While the schedule is full, there is also ample free time for students to explore the out‐of‐doors, sit by the wood stove in the Main House living room and play a board game, or go sledding on the hill. The pace of each day is the usual Glen Brook balance of play, work, and leisure time.

Camp Glen Brook offers a life of simplicity—free from the pull of computers, television, and other electronics—children come to appreciate their own imaginations, the company of others, and wonder of the natural world.

The Waldorf School of Garden City owns and operates Camp Glen Brook. Situated in southwestern New Hampshire near Mt. Monadnock, this beautiful property includes several houses, over 240 acres of farmland and forest, a working farm with animals, large organic gardens, a lake free of motorboats, and miles of trails from which to explore the surrounding mountains and woodlands.

Ms. Piotrowska’s photographic work is rooted in an abiding interest in cycles of growth and decay, which she has studied through printmaking and mixed media installations, as well as through photography. Her work is not about form; rather, it is concerned with the intertwining of materials, the senses and time, and finding beauty in the everyday.

Ms. Piotrowska is a trained and licensed architect and mother of three current Waldorf students. She is married to Waldorf alumnus David Resnick (class of 1979).

To learn more about Camp Glen Brook, please visit www.glenbrook.org.

And to learn more about student class trips to Camp Glen Brook, please visit www.waldorfgarden.org/glenbrook.

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