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Build Your Own Burger

There are few dishes as versatile as the hamburger. Born from humble origins, the hamburger can be found served up hot and fast for frantic diners around the world. But is has also made its way into many fashionable restaurants lately. This past Thursday, students at the Waldorf School of Garden City “built their own burgers” in the School’s cafeteria thanks to quality, all-natural, grass-fed beef from Edna and Josey Farms in Hyde Park, New York. Owned and operated by proud Waldorf parent Rebecca Bent, Edna and Josey Farms is also a sustainable ranch – offering cattle completely free of antibiotics and hormones. (Important note: vegetarian burgers were also available.)

“I’m delighted we were able to collaborate with the Bent family in order to make this very special meal for our students,” said Waldorf’s cafeteria manager Aviva Gill.

The oven-grilled burgers served on Challah bread were also accompanied by an impressive display of choice “fixins” that included cheese, bar-be-cue sauce, mayo, ketchup, roasted onions, mushrooms, lettuce, and tomatoes. In addition, students could add Chimichurri sauce – a green sauce (which originally hails from Argentina ) that includes finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil or sunflower oil, vinegar, and red pepper flakes.

The cafeteria at the Waldorf School of Garden City is known for making daily, all-natural meals from scratch, with ingredients provided by local farmers and producers. For more information about the School’s Cafeteria, click here or contact Cafeteria Manager Aviva Gill at (516) 742-3434 ext. 126.