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The Class of 2018 Presents “Stage Door”

With summer just around the corner and the school year drawing to a close, the members of the Class of 2018 are working together on their final project: the Senior Play. This year the 12th grade will present Stage Door, written in 1936 by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman. Performances will take place on Thursday, June 7th at 8pm, Friday, June 8th at 1pm and on Saturday, June 9th at 8pm in the School Auditorium. Admission is free, but a $5 donation is greatly appreciated.

The story, which takes place in the late 1930’s, follows the lives of sixteen young women living together in Mrs. Orcutt’s run-down boarding house, all of them aspiring actresses. Although they live in New York City, the dream of Broadway is far from their grasp. Their days consist of searching for auditions and jobs despite the many obstacles standing in their way. Some are luckier than others, but they all have their heart set on the theater. However, as time goes on and circumstances change, some girls let go of their Broadway dream by pursuing other aspirations like marriage and Hollywood, and those who stay devoted to the slowly fading theater world need to overcome new challenges on their journeys to success.

The director of the play, Deirdre Burns Somers, notes that “because of the abundance of  personality in this production, the audience is bound to relate to at least one character. From the courageous and assertive girls in the boarding house to the supportive film producer, the nature of each character stands out despite the noticeably large cast.”

Throughout the process, the seniors have been working relentlessly to understand life in the 1930’s and apply their newfound knowledge to developing their respective characters as well as creating the set and costumes for the production. In addition to the major theme of succeeding in theater, Stage Door entertains the audience through miscellaneous tap dancing, classical piano, and a Southern accent here and there.

Please come support the seniors in their last creative endeavor at the Waldorf School of Garden City!

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