December 2, 2016: 8th Grade Trip to the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside

Beddell Creek forms the eastern border of the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area, a 52-acre preserve owned by the Town of Hempstead within the 325-square-mile Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve. On Friday, December 2nd we met with Michael Farina, a Conservation Biologist at the Marine Nature Study Area who gave us a tour. In order not to destroy marshes, elevated board walkways have been constructed to provide access from the “Salt Marsh Ecosystem Site” to the “Marine Algae Site” and to the “Dune Community”. During his presentation on the Ecology of the Salt Marsh, he discussed that the salt marsh is a dynamic system.  We covered topics, which included coastal tides, salt marsh zones, challenges to existence in the salt marsh and environmental problems.  Along the way we were able to see many different birds and other living organisms.  Finally, we conducted our last water sampling of the 2016 year!  We hope to return in the spring, to see how the variety of species changes in the warmer weather.