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Leading with Wisdom and Heart

Leading with Wisdom and Heart

A course for attaining the skills and methodologies to lead Waldorf parent and child groups

This is a yearlong (200 total hours) educational study and practicum program that will equip educators and parents with all the educational, practical, and planning tools they need to develop and lead their own Parent-Child groups.

This course was specifically designed by Stephanie Cleary to provide and educate parents in Waldorf methodologies, weaving in principles that cultivate a healthy balance of right and left brain hemisphere development. Areas of education include child development, mood and classroom environment, cultivating skills in the classroom, the healing path of the parent, deepening trust between the educator/parent and child, and music as a method to refocus children and cultivate and environment of balance.

The program is divided into three, 10-week sessions for 200 total instructional hours

  • Meet 1x per week for three hours (90 hours)
  • Meet with Stephanie for one hour via Zoom for 10 weeks (30 hours)
  • Once-a-week observation in a two-hour class (60 hours)
  • One-on-one mentoring and group mentoring

The in-person/in-class instruction will be every Friday, from 8am-11am at the Waldorf School of Garden City. For educators or parents who would prefer to not meet in person, the option to engage exclusively on Zoom is available. This course costs $5,600 per student with no financial aid available.

Stephanie Cleary is a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, Discipline and Guidance Counselor, Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, and Parent Support Educator. For two decades Stephanie has been helping families navigate the challenges of raising a healthy, secure family in today’s challenging world. A mother of two teens, her training and personal insights are matched with a wonderful sense of humor and genuine care for helping people.

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Leading with Wisdom and Heart: A Course for Attaining the Skills and Methodologies to lead Waldorf Parent & Child Groups