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Leading with Wisdom and Heart

Leading with Wisdom and Heart

A course for attaining the skills and methodologies to lead Waldorf parent and child groups

Yearlong Educational Study and Practicum Program Overview:

The yearlong educational study and practicum program is designed by Stephanie Cleary to equip educators and parents with Waldorf-inspired approaches and skills to plan and lead parent and child groups for parents and children in early childhood. The program combines educational and hands-on approaches to address various challenges and developmental milestones related to child development, stress management, discipline, conscious parenting, and creating harmony within the household. By the end of the 30 weeks of instruction, participants will be capable of implementing parent-child programs with an engaged approach that fosters emotional well-being and support for families.

This program is designed for:

Parents: This program is open to parents who are interested in exploring the principles and practices of Waldorf Early Childhood education. They can gain insights into how to incorporate these methodologies into their family life and support their child’s development. The program also focuses on the personal growth and transformation of the parents themselves.

Aspiring Educators: Individuals who aspire to become Waldorf Early Childhood educators can benefit from this program. It provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and facilitate parent and child classes, allowing them to become effective educators in the Waldorf tradition.

Current Educators: This program is also suitable for current educators who are already working in the field of early childhood education but want to learn more about Waldorf methodologies and leading parent and child classes. It can help them expand their teaching techniques and incorporate Waldorf principles into their existing practices.

Some of the Topics of Exploration: The course covers a wide range of topics aimed at cultivating a healthy balance of right and left-brain hemisphere development.

These topics include:

  1. Child Development: Understanding developmental milestones and age-appropriate behaviors.
  2. Mood and Classroom Environment: Creating a conducive and supportive learning environment.
  3. Cultivating Classroom Skills: Developing essential skills for working with parents and/or children.
  4. The Healing Path of the Parent: Addressing the personal growth and challenges of parents.
  5. Deepening Trust: Fostering trust between educators/parents and children.
  6. Music as a Method: Utilizing music to refocus children and create balance.
  7. The Art of Circle Time: Holding seasonal circle time, including lap games and developmentally appropriate movement and songs.
  8. Table Top Puppet Shows: Concluding circle time with seasonal puppet stories.
  9. Table Top Puppet Making: Learning the art of needle felting and completing the year with handmade puppets using wool roving.

Program Hours/Structure:

The program is held throughout the school year from October 2024-June 2025 for 30 weeks

  1. Participants meet once a week for three hours.
  2. There is a weekly two-hour observation in a classroom setting.
  3. Throughout the program, participants receive mentoring.
  4. Participants may join up to two weekly parenting class on zoom.


The in-person/in-class instruction takes place at the Waldorf School of Garden City, located at 225 Cambridge Ave, Garden City NY 11530. However, for those who cannot attend in person, there is an option to engage in the program exclusively through Zoom.


Stephanie Cleary, the creator of the program, is a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, Discipline and Guidance Counselor, Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, and Parent Support Educator. With over two decades of experience, Stephanie has been assisting families in navigating the challenges of raising healthy and secure children. Her personal insights and training are complemented by a sense of humor and genuine care for helping others.

For further information or to enroll in the program, interested individuals can contact Stephanie at Clearys@waldorfgarden.org.

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Leading with Wisdom and Heart: A Course for Attaining the Skills and Methodologies to lead Waldorf Parent & Child Groups