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Earth Day 2021: Care and Protect

Chalkboard Art by Lower School Chair, Thomas Jenkins

While our traditional Earth Day activities were slightly different this year due to the pandemic, students continued to participate in exciting hands-on activities, engaged learning, and meaningful service with faculty today.

Activities began in the afternoon for all grades. Students in grades 8 – 12 and teachers spent time outside caring for the Earth by tending to our School grounds. In-school students spruced up flower beds in the Winkler Garden, in the Cranin Courtyard, and in front of the School, and added new plants to the Living Plant Walls in the Breezeway and High School. For students learning remotely, there were two Earth Day workshops offered: “Celebrating Mother Earth with Landscape Art & Nature Drawings from Observation” with Ms. Cavallaro, and an “Upcycling through Mending and Eco-printing Workshop” with Ms. Gupta.

Students in the Early Childhood – Grade 7 enjoyed activities with their class pods: 1st: Recycled Paper and Flower Planting; 2nd: Invasive Species Removal (bamboo, garlic mustard, mugwort); 3rd: Tending the Fairy Garden, Painting Stones and Planting Flowers; 4th: Garden Prep (North Garden); 5th: Pollinator Garden upkeep and Nature Painting; 6th: Stumps and Ivy tending; and 7th: Composting and Raised Bed demonstration. Hybrid students enjoyed an Environmental talk with a guest speaker and art projects.

“Some of the ZoomRoom students in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade met over Zoom and talked about what those of us at home could do right now to help restore the Earth. We decided that we could help the adults in our households be more conscious  about what could be recycled, and even help them by separating the trash; that we could conserve water by taking shorter showers, and reminding family members to do the same. While we talked we drew pictures, and for the last half hour we enjoyed a presentation on ecological landscaping by alumni parent, grandparent and professional landscape designer, Gail Williams.” shared Claudia Hart the 6th grade class teacher.


Thank you to all who gave their time to make our re-imagined Earth Day 2021 a productive one. See a slideshow of the day below!

Earth Day 2021

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