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Abby Kim

Kindergarten Assistant & Parent & Child Teacher

Abby Kim (née McGlone) ‘09 is a lifelong Waldorf student who has been an Early Childhood Educator at the Waldorf School of Garden City since 2013.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in Theatre she started asking questions about her education. The answers inevitably led her to discover her life’s purpose as a teacher and come back to her alma mater.

She dove head first into the work and received her certification in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge Institute in 2016 while working in the Nursery. She has been leading the Saturday Parent Child class since 2015 and been an assistant in the Nursery and Mixed- Age Kindergarten programs ever since. Abby has traveled the world on school breaks exploring how Waldorf works. Her passion has led her all the way to Nepal where she mentored teachers at the Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten for a summer.

Abby is now leading our brand new 2 year old program – The Sweet Peas!