75 Years of
Goodness, Beauty,
& Truth

Jake Lewis

Camp Glen Brook
School Programs Director &
Gap Program Director Since 2014

Jake first came to Glen Brook for Winter Camp in 2007.  After spending four consecutive summers leading our Falcon Outdoor Leadership Program, Jake began developing Gap at Glen Brook in 2014, and launched the program in fall of 2015. He enjoys nothing more than sharing the New England wilds with people.

These days it’s all-gap-all-the-time, but prior to coming here Jake helped to launch the Pasadena Waldorf High School in Los Angeles, California.  As High School Assistant Director, he helped prepare for the school’s opening, then worked on a variety of projects, including outreach, curriculum development, and schedule planning.  He also coordinated the high school’s trips program, bringing classes to amazing wilderness areas in Southern California.  A Bates College graduate with an Environmental Philosophy major, he loves to travel and has visited various parks, cities, and surf breaks around the U.S., Europe, and South America.

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