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Jeannine Davis

Horticulture and Gardening Teacher

Jeannine Davis graduated from American University in Washington D.C. with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education from Sunbridge College in Chestnut Ridge, NY and a certificate in Biodynamic Agriculture.

Jeannine created, implemented, and teaches the School’s organic gardening curriculum for grades one through eight.  This program includes renewable energy and sustainable agriculture practices, cooking, canning, fermenting, entomology, botany, and making medicinal salves from the abundance of weeds on campus.  Most recently, she co-piloted an eighth grade Sustainability and Science program where students take regular field trips to different ecosystems throughout Long Island.  She organizes our school-wide Earth Day event each spring, where students, faculty and staff focus on planting for a bio-diverse species and care for the School grounds.  Jeannine is also a key figure in the School’s coming-of-age experience, a program that aims to honor the transition and challenges of entering adolescence. Jeannine manages the School’s solar powered greenhouse, two organic food, herb, and flower gardens, a composting program and supports a farm to table cafeteria.

Fun fact: Jeannine was the first woman to compete in the rowing competition at the Jones Beach Lifeguard Races in 1989!