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Michael Gentile

Middle & High School Math & High School Co-Advisor

A Long Island native, Michael Gentile is a graduate of Massapequa High School. In 2007, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Math Adolescent Education from Long Island University’s C.W. Post campus and subsequently taught 7th and 8th grade math at St. Joseph’s Elementary School in Long Island City.

Michael introduces his students to new topics in the classroom by relating them to topics they have learned during their previous study of mathematics. This gives students a pathway to explore and discover new concepts while maintaining the comfort of familiarity which boosts their confidence. He illustrates the importance of mathematics using real world examples.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys being outdoors, skiing, working with his hands, and building items such as his dining room table, a banister for his staircase, and a play structure for his son.