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Sugandha Gupta

Middle & High School Fiber Arts Teacher

Textile artist, designer, maker disability advocate, and educator, Sugandha Gupta currently teaches fiber arts at The Waldorf School of Garden City to grades 7-12. Sugandha creates textiles and wearables that are multi-sensory to engage a wider audience in an inclusive and immersive environment. She believes that education must be equitable and accessible for all and strives to do so through advocacy and offering alternative methods of learning. She has won several awards and scholarships such as the Dorothy Waxman Textile Prize, International Design Award, and CFDA+ Design Graduate. She facilitates workshops and participates in conferences, seminars, and interviews, advocating for disabilities as assets and opportunities for society. Her work has been exhibited nationally in museums and galleries such as Positive Exposure, Hunterdon Art Museum, and American Crafts Council. Her work has also been seen in major publications and newspapers such as The New York Times and Princeton University. You can see more on her website.


Photo by Iwonka Piotrowska