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Faculty Reflection During a Pandemic. . . 


This Friday was a perfect example of why our School chose to open to in-School learners in September, and why I am so proud of all our efforts. The 7th grade began their morning in their Asian Geography main lesson by learning and practicing Taekwondo kicks and blocks under the tutelage of Kahaan and me out on the field. The air was crisp, the sun was sifting through the trees, and our spirits were guided and lifted by our movement exercise.

Back in the classroom we then learned a three-part Korean drum rhythm, then descended into a poem and factual learning about our next country on our journey, Thailand. When we emerged after snack for morning recess, the sounds of African drumming greeted us as our seniors were busy being filmed doing their African dance performance under the pagodas behind the high school. 8th grade was off playing together, 6th grade was racing throughout the nature trail, and the sun had risen further in the sky above us all. The sounds of laughter and joy, the rhythms of culture and performance, all wove together in a harmonious, moving way. One could see the determination and focus on the faces of the seniors and in their gestures, their pride, their joy.

All of this made my soul smile to think that our School was presenting our students with gifts like these each and every day inside and outside our classrooms. We have transformed our grounds into outdoor learning spaces, utilizing every inch of Earth we are blessed to have. What wonder it creates in a child! What growth it allows! What beauty and strength it can bring to teachers and staff knowing all our hard work creates the possibility for such brilliance!

In a world currently under attack with fear and division, sickness and pain, here exists a daily reminder of all that is good, all that is possible, and all that remains alive — believe it or not, things like this happen every day at our School.

Thank you to EVERYONE for the future-shaping work that you all do! If it turns out we have to close tomorrow or the following week, let’s not forget today, and yesterday, and all that we have done these past few months.

Each day may sometimes seem like a miracle, but truly, it is simply what WE do at our School.

Anthony Yaeger
7th Grade Teacher

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