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7th Grade: More Fair Weather 2017 Memories

Fall 2017 provided 7th grade with a wide array of gardening and chemistry memories. The class collected seeds of the perennials in the butterfly garden and labeled and packaged them. However, correct identification proved an interesting challenge as the late-fall appearance of the plants differed from earlier impressions! That same day, Ms. Davis guided the 7th grade to harvest vast amounts of plantain leaves growing wild on the campus. The class then made plantain balm to sell at the 7th grade monthly bake sales.

Chemistry class with Mrs. Stemkoski offered further contemplation of how color reveals the range of acidic to basic qualities of substances. The 7th grade continues their monthly Bake Sales, offering family recipes and good things from the garden!

Identifying perennials in the butterfly garden is a challenge at seed-harvest time.


Ms. Davis demonstrating plantain-balm-making for 7th grade.


7th Graders studying the rainbow array of color identification of acids and bases.


7th graders continue the chemistry of baking at their monthly bake sales, which feature family recipes.