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4th Grade: Forging Ahead!

The fourth grade has successfully completed their first Language Arts Main Lesson block which focused on Norse mythology.  These imaginative stories offered a rich opportunity for students to improve their writing skills as they reviewed and described in paragraph form their understanding. The children are developing their awareness of parts of speech, spelling, and their ability to use new vocabulary.  The fourth graders summary paragraphs reflect the children’s ability to articulate their thoughts with new clarity and descriptiveness.

Basic writing work during Main Lesson includes; creating a first draft, revising, editing, and rewriting. The culmination of all of these new capacities will come to fruition during the upcoming Animal Studies Main Lesson block where students will write their first formal report focused on an animal of each child’s choosing.

Currently, the fourth grade is in their first Math Main Lesson block of the year. They are focusing on long multiplication using three digit numbers, long division with remainders, applying and understanding the greatest common factor, and calculating multiples of numbers.  As the children practice and refine their accuracy with these new math concepts, we prepare the way for our work with fractions! The children are making outstanding progress in their knowledge of the multiplication tables from one to fourteen, and learning to solve challenging word problems that focus on time, money, measurement, and sums.

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