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Junior Career Day

Career Day Information Letter

Dear Grade 11 Families & Students,

Each year students in the eleventh grade have the opportunity to explore the workplace of a profession of their choosing. In the past, our students have visited law firms, hospitals, factories, farms, and businesses large and small. Career Day gives our Juniors real-world information about occupations and career opportunities; the students gain insight into personal traits that make for success in many types of jobs.

Students may visit a workplace of their choosing on any day when the High School is not in session. Through family and friends, students make their own arrangements for a one-day visit on any day before February 25th, 2024. If a student has difficulty in identifying a satisfactory placement, we will assist in identifying someone in our school community to host the student for the day. Any 11th grade student who needs assistance from the School must state this need to Mrs. Mullane in the H.S. Office by Thanksgiving.

Below on this page you will find:

  1. A permission slip,
  2. Career Day questions for students to ask at the workplace,
  3. A (PDF) form stating the goals of Career Day, which each student needs to print out and have signed by the Career Day host. After the Career Day host signs and fills out the form it should be returned to the student, who in turn needs to hand it to Mr. Kritas.

After the visiting day in the workplace, each junior is required to write a report of 300-500 words describing the experience and detailing what was discovered about the company visited, what was learned about the work done there, the personal qualities that make for successful performance in the type of job done in the company, and the prospects of seeing oneself working in such a workplace.

The deadline for the signed form and the written report/interview of 300-500 words is March 22nd, 2024.

Each student’s written report/interview will be evaluated by Mr. Kritas and will count for 10% of the final grade average for third-quarter daily English. (Any student who does not complete the career day requirement will receive a 0 for the assignment.)

Please complete the permission slip below at your earliest convenience.


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Career Day Questions for Students

Career Day letter to Host