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1st Grade: Lights in Darkness – December 2017

Throughout the month of December, the First Grade honored the inner light within each person that shines brightly despite the increasing darkness of the winter season in the world around us.

We started off the first full week of the month by walking through the winter spiral together as a class. The spiral, composed of evergreen branches, shells, crystals, rocks, and candles, is a gift given to our school every year by our Early Childhood teachers and friends. The journey to the center and out again is one that inspires reverence, fosters courage, and promotes a sense of calm during what often is a hectic time of year.

During the second week of the month, the junior class hosted the Tree Assembly. This tradition at our school allows each class to compose wishes for the coming year, write them on golden stars, announce them to the entire student body, and hang them on a fir tree with the hope they will come true. Our wish, below, was read aloud onstage by Aarush. Ms. Davis even granted one of our wishes that very week by giving us the opportunity to plant this fir tree on our nature trail during Gardening class!

“We, the Class of 2029, wish that everyone would protect and show more care for Mother Nature. We wish people would stop being wasteful and plant more trees. We wish there was more recycling and no littering. We wish for everyone to be safe and have enough food.”

Next we celebrated Hanukkah in our classroom. We invited our families and ate delicious latkes with applesauce provided by Jahkai’s family. Eleanora’s mother shared the story of Hanukkah with the class and brought in dreidels and raisins to play the spinning top game. The students took turns lighting the menorah throughout the holiday.

Throughout the month we lit the candles on our advent wreath. The first candle honors the mineral kingdom, the second the world of plants, and the third the animal kingdom. We invited our families into the classroom before our holiday assembly to light the fourth and final candle celebrating our humanity.

And finally, the Knights of the First Grade Kingdom were given their swords in our Knight Ceremony in recognition of their hard work during the first third of the school year. The qualities of our Code of Chivalry shine forth brightly from each student: Nobility, Fair Play, Valor, Honor.