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Long Island Shipwrecks in 7th Grade

Mr. Elliot Bertoni pointing out the shipwrecks he has investigated off Long Island.

Off the coast of Long Island and other places, 7th Grade parent Elliot Bertoni has explored several interesting local shipwrecks. He recently shared his adventures with the 7th Grade Science class who had many questions about sharks, “the bends,” U-Boats, torpedoes, the Titanic, hypothermia, prohibition, and scuba diving itself.

Over 50 years ago, the U.S. was fighting in WWII and German submarines were attacking American ships not far from New York City and Long Island. As a result, hundreds of shipwrecks lie all around us. Mr. Bertoni has explored U-boats, the U.S.S. San Diego, and the Lizzie D. a “rum-runner” that was lost in a storm off Long Island, as well as many other shipwrecks. “These all become great havens for sea life, and the old Tappan Zee Bridge is a being moved off Long Island for this purpose,” said Mr. Bertoni.

We truly appreciate the time Mr. Bertoni took to spend with the class to share his amazing stories!