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Middle School Boys Soccer vs. Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Waldorf’s Middle School Boys Soccer Team played another well organized and disciplined game at home against Lawrence Woodmere Academy. Waldorf improves their season record to 05-00 after an impressive 8-1 win over a resistant LWA.

In the first half, Waldorf took control and secured the victory, finishing 07-00. 8th grader and co-captain Max Pascucci got Waldorf on the score sheet first. This was quickly followed by fellow 8th grader Jun Kil Seong who hammered two more goals for Waldorf. Next on the score sheet was Eric Mundy (8th grade), then Pascucci for his second, Erik Beauvais (7th grade) and finally Aidan Akaba-Koubel (7th grade)with goal number seven.

In the second half, Waldorf changed their strategy slightly and decided to focus on their possession of the ball and their passing game. Waldorf contained LWA very well and in the 32nd minute of play, 8th grader Jack Wozniak made Waldrof’s final goal.

Some mentionable players were co-captain and 8th grader Peter LePorin who played solidly in defense. 7th grader Issac Stumme and 8th grader Beau Cheney also played extremely well in defense.

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