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Spring Assembly

Date: Friday - March 22, 2013
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: School Auditorium

The Spring Assembly 1/2 day will be turned into full-day instructional days. This change allows many of our "daily classes" – which would normally not take place on an Assembly Day - to make up lost time.

Please note that instead of a 1/2 day, Friday, March 22nd will now be a full day of School. The Spring Assembly will take place in the afternoon. Doors to the auditorium will open at 1:30 pm.

For our Spring Assembly, the Garden City Police Department has graciously extended special Event Parking to the Waldorf School of Garden City for the entire day. Visitors to the School may park along the NORTH and SOUTH SIDES of Cambridge Avenue all the way to Nassau Boulevard. Adelphi University's Public Safety and Transportation Department has also opened their parking lots to all non-Adelphi community members. We are very thankful to the Garden City Police Department and Adelphi University for supporting us in this important community activity. As always, please be mindful when parking in front of our neighbors' homes. Please avoid blocking driveways or walkways.

During the Assembly, we ask that you please refrain from video taping or photography.

School will resume on Tuesday, April 2nd.

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