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What Happened to the Pumpkin Patch?

Dr. Chris Bleecker, Director of Admissions
See more at: http://waldorfgardencity.blogspot.com/

After a long Columbus Day weekend spent in the majestic Ulster County, I found myself asking:  "What happened to the Pumpkin Patch?"

As a family of apartment dwellers we were determined to find a farm from which to choose our most perfect pumpkins. For weeks we told stories of how the pumpkin came to grow and as the long weekend drew closer, our anticipation of picking our pumpkins right off the vine grew.

Seven farms and three days later I came to realize that the pumpkin patch is as elusive as the Giant Panda.  Oh, there were plenty of places that indicated that one could pick a pumpkin.  And in fact, visitors could take tractor rides to the fields that were "almost" the location that the pumpkins actually grew on. But the reality was that most farms that we visited simply placed their pumpkins (vine-free) on a field or a patch of grass.  As I spoke with each farmer, there was one reason or another, for lining up their vineless pumpkins in their fields for the "picking."  

Determined to see the mission through, we finally found one farm (Saunderkill Farms) that still allows visitors to go to the pumpkin patch.  Complete with a horse drawn carriage ride, we arrived at our patch, ready to get to work.

In the end, we came home with a pumpkin each and one to spare and are looking forward to upcoming weeks filled with jack-o-latern making and pumpkin cooking. 

See more at: http://waldorfgardencity.blogspot.com/


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