Our Approach

We believe children learn best in environments suited to their specific ages and stages of development. Our work with children stresses the different developmental stages of children’s growth; the inseparability of the social, emotional, and intellectual components of children’s minds; and the importance of children’s active, experiential engagement with society. These ideas are the basis for our thought and practice.

We seek to enhance each child’s ability and propensity to think critically, empathetically, and imaginatively and to use their multiple intelligences in the real world. The ability to formulate alternative solutions, ask meaningful questions, resolve conflict, and exhibit cross-cultural competence are not simply ideals to strive for; they are necessary skills for success in the increasingly competitive job markets of the twenty-first century.

We have a clear and predictable flow to our days and our weeks. We follow the cycle of the seasons through nature crafts, circle songs, and celebrating festivals throughout the year. We spend much of our time outdoors playing on stumps, dancing in the trees, and digging in the garden. We venture outdoors in all weather, enjoying snowfalls and splashing in puddles as well as soaking up the sun when the weather is fair.

Circle time is integral to our approach as well. During this time we may have a puppet show and/or the children get a chance to act it out. We also make our own organic snacks in our class rooms and sit down family style to enjoy them together.



Serving ages 4 - 6


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