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Founded in 1947, the Waldorf School of Garden City is a community of teachers and child development professionals who have come together for the purpose of educating, supporting, and inspiring children. Below is an abridged timeline of our school's major milestones.


The Waldorf School of Garden City opens its doors as The Waldorf Demonstration School of Adelphi College. Established with the support of Dr. Hermann von Baravalle, Paul Dawson Eddy, President of Adelphi, Dr. Franz Winkler, prominent local physician, and H.A.W. Myrin (pictured above) and his wife, Mabel Pew Myrin, it begins as an elementary school with Betty Kendell as the first Administrative Director.


John F. Gardner assumes Administrative Director.


The building expands to include the present-day business office, preschool, elementary school, and Bonner Hall.


Further expansion makes room for music, sculpting and woodworking studios, science labs, as well as a new gym, library, and main office.

The first eighth grade class graduates with Alfred Tomlinson as their class teacher.


The high school wing is completed.


The first high school commencement takes place with Dr. Winkler, a prominent local physician and a founder of the School, as the guest speaker.


The Waldorf Institute for Liberal Education at Adelphi Univeristy,a Waldorf teaching school, is established under the leadership of Director John Gardner, Executive Secretary Janice Kreitner, and professor Lee Lecraw.


The Waldorf Choral Society is established under the direction of Director George V. Rose.

Our School becomes the first Waldorf School to be accredited by the Middle Atlantic States Region of NAIS. 

Peter Curran assumes principalship of the High School.


The Waldorf Institute receives accreditation from Adelphi University to offer a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education for its graduates.

The High School hosts its first Literary and Gourmet Society Dinner.


A new running track is installed around the athletic field.


Mr. Myrin, a founder and benefactor to the School passes away.

The School organizes a work day for its students on the first National Earth Day, the precursor to the School’s contemporary student work program at Camp Glen Brook.


Students of the Lower School construct the Nature Trail around the perimeter of the school grounds under the guidance of Robert Weschler.

George Rose, director of the choral program, takes the Waldorf Singers on their first European Tour.

Dr. Winkler, founder and supporter of our school, passes away.


Mabel Pew Myrin, friend and benefactor of the School passes away.

Peter Curran organizes the first class trip to Glen Brook as part of the student work program.


A new addition is built onto the preschool wing to house our current art studio and observatory.

The school acquires Camp Glen Brook through the efforts and generosity of Peter Curran. Class trips to the 250-acre New Hampshire farm become a regular part of the curriculum.


David Barten succeeds John F. Gardner as Faculty Chairman.

Mr. Curran passes principalship of the High School to Andrew Leaf to focus his efforts on Camp Glen Brook.


Andrew Leaf becomes Faculty Chairman of the School.


Peter Curran becomes interim Faculty Chairman.

George Rose assumes chairmanship of the High School.


The school changes its name to The Waldorf School of Garden City from The Waldorf School of Adelphi University.

The Board of Trustees is established.

Elizabeth Scherer becomes Faculty Chair.


George Rose is named Faculty Chairman.

The Waldorf Singers embark on their second European tour.


Dr. George Russell is elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


James Madsen assumes chairmanship of the High School.

The School's first computer lab is built.

The School celebrates its 35th anniversary.


Bonner Hall is renovated thanks to the generosity of its namesake, Florence Bonner.


The first Parents’ Maintenance Weekend is organized.

Physical Education teacher, Laszlo Jurak represents the U.S. Olympic Committee in Cyprus during an exchange program for Olympic coaches.


James Madsen is named Director of Camp Glen Brook.

Leonore Russell takes over as High School Chair.


Camp Glen Brook debuts its challenging ropes course.


Marilyn Ruppart assumes the position of  Faculty Chair.

The preschool is expanded to include a Nursery for three-year-olds.


A Strategic Plan for the School is developed through the joint efforts of faculty, trustees, parents and alumni.

The biology room is renovated into a life science lab and named after Dr. George Russell.

A new state-of-the-art computer lab is built for the High School.


William Jennings takes over as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Charles Henderson becomes the School’s Administrative Director.

Roland Rothenbucher is named High School Chairman.


The first Sports Award Night takes place, sponsored by the Parent Association.


The School celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The school establishes the College of Teachers led by a Faculty Chair, with the Faculty Council as its executive committee.

The Parent Toddler Program begins.


Susan Braun is named School Administrator.

The track is upgraded with a new running surface.


The Extended Day Program is established.

White Meadows, a 50-acre field, is incorporated into Camp Glen Brook through the generosity of Dr. Robert White and his son David White.


The physics and chemistry labs are renovated, and the chemistry lab is named for long-time science teacher Al Tomlinson.


The school celebrates its Inaugural Gala at the Milleridge Cottage in Jericho, N.Y to benefit the Scholarship and Endowment Fund.


Executive Director of Development Scott A. Williams '85, John Miller and Kenneth I. Chenault '69 lead the school in a successful $2.1 million "Opening Worlds of Opportunity" capital campaign to renovate the library, increase the Scholarship & Endowment Fund, and refurbish the Glen Brook facilities.


Twain Braden '88 is named Director of Camp Glen Brook. 

The school celebrates its 60th Anniversary Gala at the Millerdige Cottage in Jericho, N.Y.


Sabine Kully becomes Faculty Chair.

As the focal point of the Capital Campaign, the library undergoes significant renovations during the summer and is renamed The Miller Library in honor of Capital Campaign Chairman, John Miller, and former faculty member and Trustee, Kristin Miller.


Jay Dorman becomes Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


We want students to meet exciting people, try something different, discover something about themselves, and see the world from a new perspective; put simply we want students to learn.


There is an inviting atmosphere throughout our school created by happy children, engaged families, and dedicated teachers. As a parent—the opportunity to self-select your child’s peer group, one which is aligned with your family’s values and outlook on the world, is amongst the most important educational decisions you can make.


We provide unparalleled opportunities for children, by immersing them in our working farm, outdoor adventures and a community of adults who respect the natural world.


We take the best of classical education and make it relevant by intertwining the arts with academics, resulting in a synergistic experience that creates deeper meaning. No other form of education provides for an academic experience this enriching, authentic and joyful.


We provide opportunities for children to be challenged while creating an environment that allows them to be healthy, satisfied, and productive community members.


Our school includes a 200-acre farm campus, organic gardens, and a community that values well-balanced children.

A Classical Liberal Arts Education Serving Grades N-12

225 Cambridge Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530


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