FINDING THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT for your child’s education makes a world of difference. At the Waldorf School of Garden City, you’ll find an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity, stimulates personal growth and encourages critical thinking and innovation.


There is an inviting atmosphere throughout our school created by happy children, engaged families, and dedicated teachers. The sunny halls, bright rooms, and spacious grounds contribute to a feeling that the school is a protected space where the children are safe, as well as nurtured, in a caring and cared-for environment.


The face of the student body is diverse. Parents, a strong presence in the school, are not only interested in their children’s education and well-being but have also come to participate in a community experience for their families. This happens in the daily rituals of bringing and picking up their children, as well as in class activities and at seasonal festivals and assemblies. Parents look forward to meeting the teachers and fellow parents as much as the children look forward to seeing their classmates.



A sample morning would include free play upon arrival in the classroom, cleanup, greeting and circle, artistic activity (beeswax, bread making, watercolor painting, eurythmy, and drawing), rest, snack and outdoor play. Each morning is designed to provide a harmonious balance between active pursuits and quieter, more receptive activities, such as storytelling.  Our kindergarten classes are mixed aged groups of four, five and six year old children. The classes meet five days a week until noon. For those needing longer hours, there is a full day option which ends at 3:10 pm or up until 6:00 pm.



Serving ages 4 - 6


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