Dramatic Arts

Typically the second grade stages a dramatic play for which they practice memorization, fluency, inflection, articulation and projection. Speech work is enhanced through recitation of seasonal poems and verses.


During the second year of music instruction, a positive and joyful music experience is cultivated through seasonal songs, games, and various movement activities. While the students learn to listen, observe and participate within the group, they practice many skills that will contribute to harmonious and cooperative music making.  Students move from melody to simple harmony in singing, as their repertoire increasingly includes partner songs and simple rounds. Tone and dexterity exercises help the students achieve harmony and  fluency on the recorder. Students start to build and modify their own melodies, recording them on the board as an introduction to music notation. Rhythmical games, partner dances, and various movement exercises are a regular part of class, helping to develop a solid feeling for rhythm.

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