In their fourth year of music instruction, the students are presented with many opportunities to discover new musical territory, including complex rounds and part-songs. Students begin to use printed music material, mainly scores to folksongs and animal songs that utilize the C major scale, known in class as the rainbow scale. Our fledging musicians begin to sight-read on the recorder, as well as continue to practice beat, tempo, and rhythm. Rhythmic movement exercises, clapping games, and body percussion intended to relax the mind and body begins and ends each lesson.  


Fourth graders have the option of studying the violin or cello in once weekly group classes, and the ensemble comes together to play at the annual Spring Concert. Aspiring violinists and celloists learn the foundations of their instruments, exploring posture and grip. The goal of the fourth grade curriculum is for the students to develop a sense of familiarity and fluency with their instruments.

Class Play

Each year, the fourth grade presents a play inspired by a piece of literature from their Language Arts class. Students partake in all aspects of production including creating sets, costumes, and props, composing and playing original score, and acting out their respective double or triple roles. Reenacted works in the past have included The Death of Baldur and The Theft of Iduna's Apples.

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