Students learn variations on the common folk, square, and line dances through the addition of new steps and figures. Rehearsals teach students to listen carefully, treat partners with courtesy, and step with the tune of the music.    


Seventh and eighth graders split into the Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys/Girls Chorus as boys' and girls' voices develop and change. Students practice sight-reading and intonation, as well as compose their own pieces and compile their work into a single motet for multiple instruments.



The seventh and eighth grade orchestra is exposed to new and challenging pieces such as “Rite at Stonehenge.” “Mabel Creek Overture." New techniques such as “col legno,” meaning to play with the stick of the bow rather than the hair, are also introduced.

Class Play

Students combine individual effort and teamwork to reenact a multi-act play, overseeing all aspects of production from costuming to props, music, and special effects.  Past selections include Robin of Sherwood, a three-act play by J.R. Crawford.

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