Sophomore Studies

Sophomore year at the Waldorf School focuses on the ancient world. Students read Hesse’s Siddhartha, Homer’s Odyssey, and study philosophy inspired by the ancient Greeks. Main lessons include: Conic Sections, Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Mechanics. History through Language, and Latin American History. In science and mathematics, the students explore and investigate natural phenomena in labs and hands-on projects. To supplement the core curriculum, sophomores collaborate in all aspects of the production of the traditional Sophomore Class Play, a full length theater spectacular complete with original scripts, choreography, costumes, and score. Students also participate in a three-day mountain hike to the summit of a major peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for an experiential and unforgettable lesson in geology. The Sophomore Class is also responsible for organizing our annual High School celebration of Cultural Awareness, for which tenth graders research and present their family histories to an audience of parents, faculty, guests, and peers.  

WSGC Parent ShareS Her Experiences

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