The Senior year

Senior year at the Waldorf School offers leadership opportunities in a myriad of clubs, sports, and other  extracurricular activities. Course offerings emphasize a “big-picture-" and “out -of -the -box- thinking," allowing students to sharpen the capacity to summarize, compare and contrast, analyze, and synthesize. Main lessons, such as History through Architecture, Introduction to Economics, Symptomatology, The Transcendentalists, Evolution, History of Africa, and Optics, represent in-depth surveys of diverse fields of knowledge that will be relevant in their lives even beyond graduation. In preparation for their departure from the Waldorf school, each senior writes and presents a formal speech at one of the weekly High school Assemblies.


This Student Project "Evolution in Stop Motion" Took 2 Days of Filming and 900 pictures

The senior year culminates in some of Waldorf School's oldest traditions, including the Senior Play, Sports Night, The Rose Ceremony, and Commencement.


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