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Foreign Language

While beginning structures and vocabulary are reviewed each day orally in the French, German, and Spanish classes, new idioms, grammar and vocabulary are introduced and drilled on a daily basis as well. Short compositions reinforce writing and spelling skills. Longer texts help enhance listening and reading comprehension. In grammar, the main focus is on the introduction of the past tense and prepositions.



Students may also enroll in a Mandarin elective that meets twice a week in addition to French, German, or Spanish. Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Mainland China and Taiwan, and is one of the official languages of Singapore and the United Nations. It is the most widely-spoken language in the world. This course introduces students to Mandarin so that they can develop proficiency on a basic level. Language learning in this course will focus on elementary communication skills, basic vocabulary and grammatical structures. All language skills will be practiced: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course also introduces students to traditional Chinese beliefs and contemporary culture. Students will learn about China and its regions through a wide variety of resources and may investigate specific topics related to cultural themes.

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