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Using charcoal and crayon, sophomores begin this course with monochromatic drawing. As they imagine landscape forms and observe surroundings, students search for a visual interpretation that conveys these forms in a two-dimensional format.

Clay Sculpture

Students create a clay tile, taking note of and working with the effect of light on the forms of the tile. When the tile is cast in plaster, it is possible to see its sculptural mirror image.


Students create a frame with tightly fitting miters and molding around the edges using common pine lumber using only hand tools.

Fiber Arts

The overall theme of the sophomore year in handwork classes is weaving. We begin the seminar by learning three (plaited, twined & coiled) traditional methods of basket weaving, using a wide variety of materials. Next the students use any of these methods they prefer to create additional baskets; one made completely of materials found in nature, one made of found/recycled, man-made materials and one that has a dimension of at least two feet. We then move to learning to weave cotton on a simple loom, the Inkle loom, and each student weaves a belt, headband or guitar strap.   Students finish off the ends and present all their work at the final review.

 Sophomore Play

The sophomore class presents a play in the late fall or early winter. Everyone participates either as an actor in a dramatic role or as part of the technical production team.

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