History through Music

Students study the major styles that have influenced music of the twentieth century. Periods covered include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic.

World Religions

The objective of this seminar is to acquaint students with the world’s major religions and examine their influences on the course of human history. We focus on the essential tenants of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. This course incorporates a combination of lecture and discussion. Students learn values of respect and tolerance, and to ponder new ideas with an open mind.


This course looks at the major events that shaped the American experience in the 20th Century. Students begin with the Great Depression and move into the events that brought the United States into World War II and the development of the Cold War. Next we will study the transformation of American society through the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights Movement. There will be a combination of reading from textbooks and primary documents, in addition to lecture and class discussion.

United States History and Government

This course gives the students a comprehensive way to understand the present within the framework of the past. It traces the change in societal life in the United States from its migrational, First American form through to the American Revolution. It focuses attention on geographical expansion, cultural changes, political developments, and economic advances of the 19th century. It also concentrates on the major turning points in American history that led to the emergence of the United States as a global superpower in the 20th century. The course will also introduce the students to the Constitution and the three branches of American Government. Significant focus will be placed on famous Supreme Court cases and current political events. In order to encompass such a broad context, this course focuses attention on global expansion and cultural, political, and economic developments.

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