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Beginning with observational drawing in charcoal, the students explore color with acrylic paint and pastel. With each assignment they utilize the expressive power of light and dark contrasts while learning to be sensitive to the more subtle transitional moments in their work. The year culminates in the creation of a stained glass mosaic, where color and light work together.

Clay Sculpture

Students will make a clay sculpture sculpture of a human head.


Students build a four-board bench or a simple table.

Fiber Arts

The junior year in handwork is devoted to working with paper fibers, mainly in paper making and bookbinding. Students begin by making simple paper from recycled fibers: wood, cotton and linen, and book covers from carefully measured and cut thick fiber board. Students compile their book using exotic papers, fabrics and their own handmade paper. The pages for the book are then designed, cut and carefully bound together and the entire book is bound. Next the students use these skills to create a portfolio that will be used in one of their main lesson seminars. A complex multi-signature hardbound book follows this and then a project of the students own choosing that incorporates some form of paper engineering is completed prior to the final review at which all their paper and books are presented to the entire class.










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