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Senior Project

During their senior year, students choose one of the art mediums offered at our school (fine art, handwork, or woodwork) and completes a “Senior Project” using that medium. They draft proposals, construct project timetables, and work under the supervision of an art teacher to create their piece. All projects are exhibited in the school’s Spring Festival in May.

fine Art

Seniors who choose to concentrate on fine art may focus on techniques such as painting, drawing, printmaking, clay sculpture, or stained glass. After selecting a theme, students also have the option of combining more than one of these media for their work during the year.


Fiber Arts

Seniors who choose to concentrate on fiber arts are able to deepen their knowledge and expand their skills in any one of the following areas: weaving, dyeing, felting, spinning & knitting, sewing/quilting, tailoring or bookbinding/box making. The students spend the first month of the year designing and planning the project, gathering supplies and creating a timeline for themselves for the remainder of the year. From October through April the students work on the projects in time for them to be completed and put on display during the school’s “Spring Festival” in early May.


Twelfth Grade students who choose woodworking for the school year will have the opportunity to build a fine piece of furniture. Depending on the skills and motivation of the student, s/he may make a cabinet with paneled doors and a drawer, a small desk with a file cabinet and a drawer, a computer desk, a rustic dining table or a chest of drawers. Each student has about 50 hours for the senior project, 20 of which should be allotted to sanding and finishing.


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