Biodynamic Farming

Glen Brook’s farm and garden includes a total of 250 acres of land – approximately two acres of which are cultivated as biodynamic and organic gardens. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner's lectures on farms as self-inclusive and self-sustaining entities filled with vitality, Glen Brook's biodynamic garden is a source of amazing bounty. The garden provides for all of Glen Brook’s salads and approximately half of its kitchen's vegetable needs. Students are involved in the garden at every level, from composting and planting, to harvesting.

Glen Brook’s six-stall barn and outbuildings are the home of a small flock of sheep for breeding, wool, fleece, and meat, and a flock of laying hens. Participants in Glen Brook's programs care for the animals' daily needs: sheering, feeding, cleaning, lambing, egg gathering, pasture rotation, and building and fence maintenance. Students and campers also assist in composting, planting, weeding, and harvesting of the vegetable garden and fruit orchards.

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