Glen Brook’s Eco-Gastronomy program involves a well-blended daily rhythm for all types of curricula: children partake in the transformation of fresh products from the farm into ingredients for some of their favorite dishes. The kitchen session begins with cleaning the day’s fresh produce from the garden. The children discuss the recipe that is to be prepared and have an opportunity to taste each ingredient, which helps them understand how a dish can differ with the slightest changes. Through this hands-on experience in the kitchen, they learn new vocabulary, basic concepts and social skills.

Eco-Gastronomy provides a context in which to teach children in a delicate manner the positive impact of choosing fresh, seasonal, locally grown, and sustainable food in the health and stability of local agriculture and local communities. Concerns about the social, political, economic and environmental viability of rural and local communities are reasons why Glen Brook’s program is so necessary at this moment in our history. Food is the unifying factor that brings disparate forces together and ties us all to these issues.


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