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Varsity Girls Softball vs. Portledge School
Event Type: Regular (League event)
Date: April 30, 2013
Event Recap:

Waldorf's Varsity Girls Softball Team was in flying form on April 30th when they faced Portledge. Waldorf's senior pitcher and co-captain Isabella Fraim played the best game of her season so far. She pitched consistently and accurately to find the glove of sophomore catcher Emma Wallace and kept at bay a number of Portledge's big hitters. Our infielders, led by senior and co-captain Katerina D'Ercole showed great composure and communication. Senior Anne Flomenhaft was in charge of Waldorf's outfield and led by setting a stellar example for her fellow outdielders to look up to. It was a very exciting game, with both junior Ajanai Miller-Randolph and freshman Skyla Davis hitting in field home runs. Waldorf eventually lost the game 05-07; however, the team put on a great showing of courage and teamwork. "The girls stepped up massively this afternoon and I am delighted that Portledge got to see just how talented our varsity softball team is," remarked Coach Flanagan.

Senior Isabella Fraim

Senior Katerina D'Ercole - 3 (she was 3-3)
Junior Rachel Bossuk - 1
Junior Jaclyn Proctor - 2
Junior Ajanai Miller-Randolph - 1
Freshman Skyla Davis - 1

Senior Katerina D'Ercole - 2
Junior Jaclyn Proctor - 1
Junior Ajanai Miller-Randolph - HR
Freshman Skyla Davis - HR

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