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Middle School Boys Soccer vs. Long Beach Catholic Regional School
Event Type: Regular
Date: September 26, 2013
Event Recap:

Looking for an improved team effort for their third match, Waldorf's Middle School Boys Soccer Team hosted Long Beach Catholic Regional School.

The boys started off a little out of sync and Long Beach took advantage of the breakdowns to score the game’s first two goals for the early 00-02 lead. But slowly, Waldorf started to put their game together. The defense of 8th graders Sean Sullivan and Maurico Paz, 7th graders Simon Davis, Christian Kritas and Harry Semeremitis and 8th grade goalkeeper Issac Stume shut down the Long Beach offense. The much needed break for Waldorf came at the 26:00 minute of the half when 8th grade forward Erik Beauvais converted a penalty kick to make the score 01-02.

In the second half, Waldorf came out strong with a much improved team effort and in the 2:00 minute mark, 8th grade forward Daniel Le Porin threaded a pass to Beauvais who pushed the ball inside the far post to tie up the score at 02-02. Though Waldorf continued their tenacious play and controlled the match, they lost several more scoring opportunities to put the game away, and Long Beach capitalized to retake the lead 02-03.

Though Waldorf took full charge of the game, Long Beach dropped their defense back to protect their advantage and turned away a barrage of offensive surges in the final seventeen minutes for their 02-03 victory. Goalies Stume and Bates recorded 9 saves and the combination of forwards and midfielders took 15 shots. The entire team put out their best effort of the season so far in the second half with 8th graders Aidan Akaba-Koubel, Beauvais, Jake Benn, Boris Epie, LePorin, Paz, Stume, and Sullivan, and 7th graders Bates, Davis, Spencer Gorman, Kritas, Noah Negri, Alessandro Rossi, Semeremitis, and Jackson Thompkins.

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