Glen Brook's farm includes a small herd of sheep, including a rotating stock of breeding ewes. Participants in all of our farm programs throughout the year, learn to care for the animals with respect and love, putting them out to pasture during the warm months and feeding them hay (and some grain) in the winter. The herd rotates through our pasture every summer; campers and students assist in rotating the movable fencing so that no patch of ground becomes over-grazed. Each fall the herd is culled for fleece and meat for our kitchen. During the spring lambing season, our herd includes numerous nursing lambs. Harvested wool, shorn from the herd in April prior to lambing, is washed and carded and used in our school programs (and in classrooms at the Waldorf School of Garden City) for art projects, clothing, and home furnishings. Fleeces are sold at crafts fairs and farmers' markets.


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