Nature Trail

A quarter-mile nature trail sits on the perimeter of our campus, an unpaved path enclosed by trees on either side. Created in 1971 by the students of the Lower School under the guidance of Robert Weschler, it has since been an ongoing work in progress that welcomes contributions from all members of the Waldorf community.

Recent additions to the Nature Trail include a bamboo forest, a fairy garden, and a labyrinth constructed from sand and stones. These expansions not only enhance the aesthetic quality of our trail but also the educational opportunities as well. The labyrinth is an excellent challenge in navigation, problem solving, and teamwork. The bamboo forest provides a rich medium for children to fashion bows and arrows, and anything else that strikes their imagination, all the while furthering their appreciation for woodwork and handwork.

Teachers of the Lower School regularly accompany children on nature walks around the trail. It is an unparalleled experience that provides endless opportunities for new observations and reflections.


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