Earth Day

Earth Day at the Waldorf School of Garden City is an annual celebration of nature's power, wonder, and beauty. Students of every level express their reverence for the earth and awareness of contemporary environmental issues in themed projects, discussions, and lessons.

The School generally invites a guest speaker to our Earth Day; for the past two years, we have played host to a local beekeeper who brings all his honeybee hives for the occasion. Students, well assured of the innocuous nature of honeybees through their previous experience in our campus garden, observe the colonies, noting the differences between the queen and the worker bees, and the drones. Children also enjoy a honey tasting, sampling the products of bees that have been exposed to different groves and plants. From orange blossom honey to almond honey to even buckwheat honey, students enjoy the sweetness of the day while acknowledging the effects of nature on growth and development and reinforcing their mandate to maintain and protect our current environment.

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